Why I Chose Sora Schools

Why I Chose Sora Schools

Other Schools Didn’t Work

My name is Ava. From age seven, I worked in multiple homeschool groups. Unfortunately, none of them were hands-on enough for me. I did not fit into typical schools since I did not enjoy learning topics that I would immediately forget or never use, and I despised learning topics that were not related to the professions I was interested in.

My first private school experience was with a startup school. It was supposed to be a project-based learning school, but that ended up not being the case. It had atrocious administrators and horrible teachers. I learned very little from most of the teachers. The teachers and administrators broke several laws regarding punishment and curriculum. It closed its doors before the end of its first year. Last year I was enrolled in the Little Middle School. It was a work-at-your-own-pace middle school, which was ideal for my interests, but not as STEM-centered as I would have liked. Still, I loved the school and the teachers taught the subjects in a relevant and interesting way. I graduated out of that and took classes on an online platform called Outschool but still I needed something more hands-on. 

Discovering Sora

I saw Sora Schools’ booth at the Atlanta Maker Faire. Sora is an online, project-based learning high school. The administrators told me about their clubs and projects and I found out that the students were reading one of my favorite books in the fantasy book club. I came to one of their Friday showcases along with another prospective student. The students were passionate about their projects and were willing to answer questions about how they liked the school. 

How Sora Is Different

Sora uses individualized projects, work opportunities, and student feedback to create an optimal learning environment. 

Sora takes students’ interests and teaches them how to apply them in real world scenarios. Students choose STEM and humanities projects to work on using their own deadlines and ideas. The mentors work the necessary skills for high school students to know into their projects, making everything relevant to the student’s interests. 

Sora allowed me to continue projects that I had already started or already had plans for. They allowed me to shift or add to my idea when I had other ideas. I like that at Sora, the student is entirely in control of what they want their projects to be. I love getting real world experience, so when the school told me that they could help me get internships to help with my education, I was immediately even more excited. I am delighted that we found Sora, and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s run.

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