Sora’s curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the latest learning science and interdisciplinary approach that prepares middle school and high school students for college, careers, and life. We are proud to be an accredited school that is on the cutting edge of education.

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At Sora, we encourage middle school and high school students to explore their passions.

Our academic model is grounded in three pillars: interdisciplinary learning, mastery-based assessment, and student-led curriculum. This enables an engaging, relevant learning environment designed by each student according to their interests.

Learning Expeditions

Interdisciplinary Learning

Unfortunately, most schools separate learning into arbitrary subjects such as chemistry or European history. However, learning in the real world is rarely split by subject. This structure is a convenient organizational tool for adults but devastating for students’ education and understanding of the world.

How Expeditions Work

At Sora, instead of siloing content and severing it from the world beyond the classroom, we equip students with the requisite skills and knowledge to address real, interdisciplinary problems. In our Learning Expeditions, students meet twice weekly in addition to independent work to explore a real-world inquiry, like “How to Create a Martian Colony”. By comprehensively exploring that question, they learn concepts in biology, chemistry, civics, and even calculus.

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How Learning is Assessed

Traditional schools use assessment as a method of punishment to get their desired outcomes, not a tool to help students understand their areas of growth. Traditional assessment practices, particularly in the form of high-stakes testing rampant in schools today, create immense stress and limit the ability of students to revise their mistakes and improve over time. In a world where a single low test score can jeopardize a student’s dreams, students are stuck in fearful learning. While the threat of these consequences might drive engagement in the short term, it wreaks havoc on students’ mental health and creates a society with a Pavlovian association between learning and fear.

At Sora, we utilize a different methodology for assessing student performance. Instead of the classic grade point system in which students are penalized for not remembering a fact or understanding a concept the first time they encounter it, the faculty at Sora use mastery-based assessment. In this approach, students are awarded credit based on their demonstrated mastery of the material and, crucially, are given many opportunities throughout their high school journey to earn credit for each unit at an increasingly deeper level. In other words, if at first you don’t understand photosynthesis, try and try again. In this way, students can “overwrite” poor performances in the past and practice a growth mindset.

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Student Choice and Agency

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Traditional schools infantilize students. They are told to sit back, obey, and raise their hand if they need to use the restroom. We must instill within them the opposite ethos–we must teach them to take control of their life, beginning with their academic journey. However, we must also acknowledge that most students are not initially ready to exercise their agency because they’ve never been offered an opportunity to do so. At Sora, we believe in progressive independence; we start with more structure and progressively introduce more responsibility as students prove their capability.

And we don’t have hours of homework daily like in traditional schools. We believe students should have time to complete their independent work during the school day.



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Sora students work with their trusted advisor to craft a 6-year Sora journey through middle and high school. This can adapt as their interests, goals, and strengths change, but this is a powerful tool to center their experience on a personal purpose.

Importantly, only by taking the wheel of their education and leading with curiosity do students develop their worldview. In traditional forms of education, it’s easy for students to disengage from a class if they feel forced into taking it; however, it’s much harder to do so when they choose it themselves.

As students progress through Sora, they design more and more of their learning experiences, ultimately culminating in a 250-hour Capstone project before their graduation.

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0 (Not Attempted)

means that student has not been exposed to the subject yet.

1 (Emerging)

means that student is generally aware of the concept and can call it by name but has yet to apply it.

2 (Developing)

means that student can explain the concept meaningfully in their own words.

3 (Demonstrating)

means that student is applying the skill to new situations and real-life circumstances.

4 (Extending)

means that student has applied their learning in a nuanced way, multiple times.

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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Japanese media and embark on a journey that unveils the intricate connections between history, literature, and the art of storytelling. In this enriching expedition, students will delve into a diverse selection of anime and manga, examining the nuances and merits of these captivating works.

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Students at Sora receive

Our program packages all of the individual areas of mastery back into their academic subjects and produces a mastery-based transcript for colleges and other institutions of higher education, complete with a
GPA and details about the student’s academic strengths. We know this works because Sora boasts a 100% college acceptance rate.

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